How do I use shortcut keys?

To use quick launch you'll need to fire disable your "Dial From Home Screen" function, you can do this by clicking on your Phone icon from the home screen or by pressing the green phone button. Next press the Menu key, choose Options, then General Options. Finally change the "Dial From Home Screen" field from "Yes" to "No", hit the Escape key and your ready to go.

Please Note: You will now need to hit the Phone icon or press the Green Call key to make a call.

In place of the calling feature you can press the following keys to access the following apps from your home screen:

  • A = Address Book
  • B = Browser
  • C = Compose Message
  • D = Notes
  • F = Profiles (Might not work on 9700)
  • G = Google Talk (if app is installed)
  • H = Help
  • I - AIM (if app is installed)
  • K = Lock Device
  • L = Calendar
  • M = Mail
  • N = BlackBerry Messenger
  • O = Options
  • P = Phone
  • Q = Can be used with QSMS which you can find HERE
  • R = Alarm Clock (May not work on 8900/9600/9700)
  • S = Search
  • T = Tasks
  • U = Calculator
  • V = Saved Messages
  • W = Wap Browser
  • Y = Yahoo (if application is installed)